Ceramic Printing

Depending on the print process there are very few limitations as to what you can have printed on ceramic items. With several process options we can select the most appropriate one that will suit the product you want printed, number of colours and quantity.

Whether you have a corporate function, restaurant or event that your brand is important enough to make sure your clients repeatedly see it.

For those wanting ceramic decals only we can offer this service. For ceramics companies we can also print high fire colours for under glaze applications.

Printing Methods

Our print methods include both kiln fired and non-fired prints for the most cost effective and suitable solution for our customer’s requirements. In addition we have recently introduced kiln fired digital printing for ceramic surfaces. We are the only company in New Zealand specialising ceramic printing that has this new technology. The process is perfectly suited to smaller quantities.

For those who have the need for ceramic decals only for your own application and firing requirements, we also offer this service. Hi-fire decals for underglaze backstamps can be screen printed to have your own brand on your products.